Heat management utility reconstruction in Pezinok   

In 2013 Termming acquired the heat management utility in Pezinok and commenced significant investment into its recovery. In 2014 the installation of KOSTs and replacement of hot water distribution system was carried out. By signing the Lease Agreement, Termming undertook to invest 5.3 million EUR over the first five years. The investments mainly concern the reconstruction of heating equipment. Termming adopted noise reducing measures immediately after assuming the heat management facility. Initial technical adjustments to increase the efficiency of heat were implemented, in particular at the Juh boiler plant. In 2014 hot water distribution system was replaced and KOSTs were installed - 32 at the boiler Sever plant and 27 at the Juh boiler plant. Thanks to this, the inhabitants of the building pay only for collected heat and hot water, and are able to switch the heating on and off according to their needs.