Low-carbon Strategy of Organizations in the Competence of the Košice Region

Start of project:: May 2020   
Client: Koscie Region

Scope of services
The project subject is elaboration and implementation of low-carbon strategies for all types of areas, especially urban areas with 400 public buildings, tertiary buildings, but also for transport, supplies, and energy consumption. The strategy will summarize all existing documentation related to reducing emissions and increasing energy efficiency in Kosice self-governing region. The audit of individual buildings will reveal the potential for energy savings and operational costs decrease. The operation and the usage of the facilities will be assessed with regard to their social and community impact. 

ENGIE will propose the methods of energy consumption monitoring and describe all obstacles that stand in the way of reducing emissions and taking actions. The ambition is not only to deliver low-carbon strategy for Kosice self-governing region but also to continue cooperating in the areas of GES (Guaranteed Energy Services) and Facility Management.