Slovak Telekom, a.s.

ENGIE Services provides Slovak Telekom with the comprehensive management of selected technical equipment and the management of data centres, which are located in more than 2500 buildings. ENGIE Services provides Slovak Telekom with the complex operation and management of 3 data centres in Bratislava, Bzenov and Košice.

Scope of services supplied:

  • Complex operation of NON-IT infrastructure systems at telecommunication technology and data centres:
  • Monitoring and coordination of NON-IT infrastructure operation (electricity, ventilation, air-conditioning, alternative sources, fire equipment, security and entry systems)
  • Daily and scheduled maintenance, testing, fault diagnosis, business continuity and troubleshooting, dealing with emergencies, energy management and technical support,
  • The required availability of services conforms with TIER III standard.

In addition to these data centres, COFELY provides the comprehensive operation and maintenance of more than 1500 technology nodes for the transmission of data and voice services for Slovak Telekom.