Energy production

Production and distribution of heat and hot water is one of the main tiers of ENGIE Services. ENGIE Services always tries to offer the best alternatives of cooperation, be it concerning the operation of the supply, reconstruction and optimisation of production, whether you are a management company, town or city. 


The operation of thermal-energy facilities and obligations of the operator are governed by a series of regulations from different areas. ENGIE Services assumes these duties and obligations from the owner of the property after signing the contract. Therefore, the customer is thereby relieved of the responsibility for carrying out technical and very specific activities can be developed and even become a source of savings under professional surveillance.

The very core philosophy of ENGIE Services is to help introduce new highly-efficient technologies and renewable sources of energy and thus achieve reductions in fuel consumption and the negative effects of heat production on the environment. In terms of primary fuels, ENGIE Services has experience with natural gas, as well as renewable sources – woodchip. In addition to traditional heat production, ENGIE Services also provides the operation of cogeneration units for clients with suitable heat and electricity consumption structures.

ENGIE Services monitors all energy sources through the dispatch centre with continuous 24-hour operation throughout the year. Remote monitoring is provided by a microwave or GPRS connection, fibre optics and Internet, while each tracked technology has its own transparent graphical visualization.

Key values

Sales43,4 mil. eur
Heat sold570 000 MWh
Number of heat sources374
Distribution system length163 km
Installed power393 MW


  • The Senica Urban Heating Plant

    Woodchip heating
  • The S3Boiler Plant, Brezová pod Bradlom