Power and natural gas

ENGIE added value

• Inhouse team of experts from the energy sector and technology installations.
• Project refinancing.
• Synergie use of the other services from ENGIE porftolio.

Construction, modernization and operation of local distribution network

ENGIE's operational responsibility:

• Central dispatching
• Energy consumption monitoring
• Loss balance analysis
• Reserved capacity setting
• Circuit breaker value optimization

• Legislative management
• Certification guarantee
• Invoicing document creation
• Data reporting to OKTA

• Emergency service
• Maintenance and servicing
• Damages repairs
• Data center operations

• Technical advice on LDN design and construction LDN
• LDN construction or reconstruction 
• Financing of LDN construction or reconstruction
• Outdated gauges exchange
• On-line monitoring installation
• Gauges metrological verification



  • 110/0,4 kV Transformation station, Senica

  • 110/22 kV Transformation station, Velka Ida