SKAL&CO, spol. s r. o.

SKAL&CO spol. s r. o. has been active in the field of thermal energy in Skalica since 1994. The company produces and supplies heat and hot water from its own and leased facilities and provides management and operation services for multifunctional, operational and residential buildings alongside engineering and investor activities in this area. SKAL&CO is a member of the ENGIE Services Group – a leader in energy and comprehensive property management. ENGIE Services is part of a separate division of GDF SUEZ Energy Services. 

Services for commercial companies

Facility operation:

  • the allocation of costs of energy to tenants in the managed properties (e.g. business premises etc.)
  • the collection of rent, reimbursement of energy costs and the transfer of the owner’s net rent
  • administrative, legal and other services related to the operation of facilities,
  • securing project and credit financing for reconstruction and repairs,
  • technical maintenance of the building (maintenance, repairs), 
  • the cleaning of common areas.

Operation of exclusive devices and utilities

  • Operation and maintenance of:

    • pressure and electrical equipment 
    • lifting equipment
    • gas equipment
    • regulatory and measuring devices, 
    • thermal equipment (boilers etc.).
  • Administrative, legal and other services related to the facility operation
  • Ensuring project and loan financing for reconstruction and repair.
Heating and hot water supply

SKAL&CO, spol. s r.o.’s core business is the production, distribution and transfer of thermal energy to commercial consumers. In order to provide the best quality products SKAL&CO cooperates with leading manufacturers and suppliers of modern and reliable equipment for heat production.

In addition to heat production and distribution, SKAL&CO provides preventive inspection, maintenance and repair of heating equipment performed by employees. Maintenance personnel are equipped with a mobile workshop, and outside working hours the workers perform emergency servicing and continuous dispatching at the Skalica heating plant.

SKAL&CO is authorised to take surface water from the Morava River, which is subsequently transported by a supply line to the central source. The company offers clients the option of using surface water for technological purposes within the scope of their authorisation for collection.

Services for owners of housing units

  • Management of newly constructed residential buildings
  • Management of owners’ associations
  • Revitalisation of residential buildings
  • Heat, hot water and boiler operation

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    034/664 49 64  


SKAL&CO, spol. s r.o.
Mallého 977/58
909 01 Skalica

ID: 31 447 511
VAT ID: SK2020376809
bank account no.: 2611642001/5600  


SKAL&CO, spol. s r.o.
Dr. Valacha 20
909 01 Skalica

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Všeobecný kontakt
  034/ 664 45 19
  034/ 664 46 87

Other contacts

Secretariat J. Holazová 034/664 45 19 
Personal agenda  J. Holazová 034/664 45 19

Economic and Financial Department
Head of Department J.Konečná 034/664 45 19
Accountant E.Lorencová 034/664 45 19
Accountant D.Krušinová 034/664 45 19

Property Management Department
Head of Department D. Filová 034/664 46 87
Economist of Administration O. Vadíková 034/664 45 19
Economist of Administration D.Ričovská 034/ 664 46 87
Manager R. Haffner 034/ 664 46 87
0903 225 582
Manager T. Kabelík 034/ 664 46 87
0918 757 720 

Department of Thermal Equipment
Head of Department M.Petrovič 034/664 50 96
Dispatching - heating plant M.Jankovič 034/664 49 64 
Dispatching - heating plant I.Vöpy 034/664 49 64

Opening hours – Housing management department

monday 07:00 – 15:30
tuesday 07:00 – 12:00 Non-paged day, just midday
wednesday 07:00 – 17:00
thursday 07:00 – 12:00 Non-paged day, just midday
friday 07:00 – 14:00
  The midday break is from 11.30 h – 12.00 h.

Key values

Number of boilers11
Distribution system lenght11 km
Annual heat production54 285 MWh
Installed power29 MW