Energy services

ENGIE added value 

• Inhouse team of professional specialists (engineering, design and consultancy).
• Within IoT solutions ENGIE offers its own measurement and data collection independent from customer infrastructure (sensors, data transmission, platforms).

Digital energy management 

• real-time consumption evaluation,
• development of consumption model and comparison with actual consumption,
• separate meters – data monitoring and evaluation,
• warning of non-standard situations and inefficiency,
• data actualization with the possibility to compare consumption,
• analysis options of characteristic data processing (regression analysis, machine learning algorithms).

Energy services: 

•  Energy consumption monitoring and evaluation
•  Energy controlling
•  Concept proposal of energy supply
•  Energy consulting - proposals for otpimizing the operatoin of technical equipment 
•  Alternative energy sources - expert advice, operation, monitoring and project evaluation
•  Energy audit
•  Thermovision diagnostics 


  • Low-carbon Strategy of Organizations in the Competence of the Košice Region

  • Reconstruction of thermo-technical equipment and buildings, Malacky

  • The energy audit projects

  • Reconstruction of public lighting, Čadca