Public lighting 

ENGIE Services provides customers services related to the design, implementation and management of public lighting for both the private and public sectors. The implementation, reconstruction and management of public lighting can be provided through the EC method (Energy Contracting). 

The EC method provides the implementation of austerity measures in the energy economy, including securing financial resources through repayment of the investment from savings achieved and guaranteed by the supplier, i.e. without investment on the part of the owner and operator of public lighting.

Comprehensive solutions for customers in the field of public lighting

Energy services: audit, projection, implementation, financing of the implementation, energy management, operation and maintenance

Reduction of lighting system energy intensity

  • High-efficiency lighting supply
  • Setting the effective lighting system operating mode
  • Significant reductions in lighting system operating costs in compliance with regulations
  • Improvement of the lighting system quality

The supplier contractually guarantees the level of energy savings. Investment and associated energy efficiency measure costs are gradually repaid during the duration of the contract from the achieved operational energy cost savings.


  • Reconstruction of public lighting, Čadca