Facility management

Through Facility Management, ENGIE Services provides its customers with a wide range of comprehensive care services.

Facility Management services help the owner of the respective building in the long term to manage, control and regulate the value, income and life span of their property from the perspective of individual needs. Through providing these services ENGIE Services allows the owners or users of the building to focus on their core business activities. ENGIE Services performs nationwide activities providing comprehensive property management services for all types of buildings – administrative centres and buildings, banking institutions, business and multifunctional buildings, industrial parks and data centres.

Comprehensive property management services 

  • administration of thermo-technical facilities
  • reception, CAFM, Helpdesk, security services, catering
  • waste management, cleaning services
  • maintenance, servicing and specialist technical equipment inspections
  • operational building maintenance, greenery and premises maintenance (winter/summer)
  • spatial management
  • energy supplies
  • postal and copying services
  • comprehensive management and coordination of operational and technical processes and support activities within the property
  • central dispatching centre operation
  • media management and technical documentation
  • energy management
  • pest control, fumigation, disinfection
  • administrative and technical services, premises reconstruction, engineering activities, moving services, telecommunication services
  • legal and economic activities, archive centre management
  • environmental protection, fire, health and safety at work

Asset management information system

ENGIE Services runs a property and asset management graphic-database support system.
In addition, ENGIE Services uses a Chastia Helpdesk web extension - a system which helps ENGIE Services and its customers to make processes related to property management more effective and transparent.

The information system addresses the following areas in particular:

  • property records
  • project, business and operational documentation management
  • automated lease contract creation
  • a breakdown of energy and services
  • monitoring and control of technical and service inspection implementation and tests according to prescribed intervals
  • monitoring and control of operation costs and other activities

The information system is designed for:

  • asset management
  • the production and distribution of energy
  • the management of administrative buildings and industrial enterprises
  • the management of technical/industrial on-site systems.

Energy Management services:

  • energy consultancy and controlling
  • energy audits – assessment of the current situation and ascertainment of the most effective savings leading to measures reducing the complexity and quantification of projected investment costs
  • financing – the possibility of co-financing or financing from savings
  • technical design
  • maintenance and operation – ensuring comprehensive care of the facilities, including service, operation, maintenance and specialist service.


In order to provide greater comfort for clients, ENGIE Services provides the possibility of continuous 24-hour dispatching service throughout the entire year.

Key values

Sales19,2 mil. eur
Managed area2,5 mil. m2
Managed properties> 2 500

Facility Management

Selected clients



  • Carlton Property, s.r.o., Bratislava

  • Slovenský plynárenský priemysel, a.s.

  • Aupark, a.s., Bratislava

  • Slovak Telekom, a.s.

  • EcoPoint, s.r.o., Košice

  • Všeobecná úverová banka, a.s.

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