Technical services

ENGIE Services provides its customers with innovative services and energy management, which includes optimisation solutions and the operational analysis of technologies in the field of industry, energy and commerce. ENGIE Services additionally provides technical support and consultation on the preparation of modernisation systems to ensure the maximum effectiveness of systems in operation.

technicky servis

Technical services

  • Operating and regular service, repair and maintenance
  • Technical inspections and tests
  • Supporting tools, software solutions
  • Central dispatching
  • Consulting, energy management
  • Emergency service 24/7

Application systems 

  • SCADA superstructure control systems – system integrator
  • Integration of management systems and OPC servers
    • Creation of BMS application and software equipment (Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Siemens, Sauter, Schneider)
    • Servicing at the parent and process level (temperature, drivers, frequency converters, pressure, differential pressure, flow meters)
    • Protocol evaluation and subsequent optimisation (calibration) and parameterisation of the respective system


  • Thermo-vision camera measurement
  • Switchgear, transformers, generators and NN/VN wiring diagnostics

Security systems

  • Integrated security solutions (common objects, highly specialised security projects – data centres)
    • Superstructure systems: IBS, SBI, ABI, ALVIS, C4
    • Fire alarms
    • Evacuation and communication systems
    • Disruption alarm systems
    • CCTV, IP technology
    • Entry log control system, attendance, hotel systems
    • Data and information systems (active / passive)
    • CO, CH4, NH3 sensors (sensor revision and calibration)

Cooling, heating

  • New refrigeration and air conditioning equipment installation, launch and operation (chillers, splits, VRV systems, Fan-coil)
  • Repair and service
  • Evaluation of energy efficiency and optimisation of refrigeration systems
  • Service according to Decree No. 314/2009 Coll. (cooling leakage Inspection)
  • Diagnostics of distribution (central heating, cooling, refrigeration and air conditioning systems)
  • Thermographic evaluation protocol
  • Heat and cold gauges: Subsequent verification of measuring instruments, replacement, repair and service (heat, water, cooling).

HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning)

  • Regular inspection of functionality and economic performance
  • Inspection of the correct control system settings
  • Inspection of HVAC elements (filters, motors, differential pressure, engine diagnostics, pulleys, dampers)
  • Revision of fire and smoke dampers (IMOS, MANDÍK, TROX, KOVONA, STRULÍK)
  • HVAC diagnostics and assessment in terms of efficiency and energy intensity


  • Slovenská Grafia a.s., Bratislava

  • Park Inn Danube, Bratislava